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MODIfied Criticism
It's in the turbulent and challenging times that a character of a nation and its people comes forth. Chinese Virus' 2nd wave has hit India like a typhoon, sweeping the entire healthcare system in its wake. This has given rise to an unprecedented criticism of our Prime Minister.

I am a Modi believer but I look at the other side of the coin as well. Naming of Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium, Election rallies and Kumbh are some of the actions which definitely call for criticism, and in a democratic world is absolutely necessary. However, to blame someone for the entire state…
Is Cholesterol really as bad as doctors suggest

All of us are really scared of high cholesterol because we are told that high cholesterol is sure shot path leading to a heart condition and ultimately, a premature death.

Are you aware that several people who undergo heart surgery or multiple bypass have never had high cholesterol?! In fact, their cholesterol levels have been much lower than the prescribed upper limit. This proves that there is something besides cholesterol that is as dangerous. So why is only cholesterol being made the bad guy? What else can it be that is responsible for heart conditions but is never talked about…
Our Health is in our Mind

Our mental training begins the moment we are born. The belief systems of our family are slowly and steadily injected into our minds. From there on we start learning and imbibing traits, habits, thought process and start forming our own belief system based on what we see and hear our peers doing. We are given a long list of Do’s and Don’ts, how we should conduct ourselves and behaviour acceptable to our family and our society. We have to follow and confirm to the demands of our parents, friends, family, society, teachers and the list goes on, even if it…
Over diagnosis

When I was a kid and would visit a doctor, he used to check my pulse, tongue, breath and would know exactly what was wrong. The medications were seldom the antibiotics which are the 1st line of action today! Extensive use of antibiotics have made the bugs resistant to most of them and it is a matter of time when antibiotics would become ineffective and irrelevant.

Now a days, Doctors seldom have time for thorough physical examinations and rely totally and absolutely on the tests and investigations. Even for a common cold, you can be asked to get a blood…
Diet Colas good for you, really?

Artificial sweeteners are a commonplace now in foods and drinks. In the name of “Diet” and calorie free healthier alternatives, we are being fed chemicals which are designed to satisfy our taste for sugar without the added calories.

Whereas natural sweeteners are without any side effects thay also offer some nutritional value to the body like stevia, coconut sugar &raw honey. These natural sweeteners are far better than artificial sweeteners which are synthetically produced in a lab. The artificial sweeteners and food additives pose grave dangers to our health and are carcinogenic.

Some of these artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancing…
Discovering Order amidst Chaos

Excerpts from the book “Leadership and the new science: by Margaret Wheatly” alongwith my observations
I recently read this book and am greatly inspired by the views of the author, Margaret Wheatly. I have thus extracted some of her views and added my interpretations to the same. Hope you will like it.
This is a world where order and change, autonomy and control are not the great opposites that we had thought them to be. It is a world where change and constant creation are ways of sustaining order and growth” 
Order and Chaos are actually two sides…

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