MODIfied Criticism

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 27th, 2021
It's in the turbulent and challenging times that a character of a nation and its people comes forth. Chinese Virus' 2nd wave has hit India like a typhoon, sweeping the entire healthcare system in its wake. This has given rise to an unprecedented criticism of our Prime Minister.

I am a Modi believer but I look at the other side of the coin as well. Naming of Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium, Election rallies and Kumbh are some of the actions which definitely call for criticism, and in a democratic world is absolutely necessary. However, to blame someone for the entire state of affairs in the country and turning a blind eye towards the rest of the system is unfair and uncalled for.

From the social media interactions and main stream media news coverage, we can see the country's educated class split into two groups, pro Modi & anti Modi. While one group justifies the Kumbh and massive election rallies citing the examples of similar activities of other communities and spread of virus in non-election states, the other is the group of people who blame ONLY Modi for lack of hospital beds, oxygen, Remdesivir and total breakdown of healthcare system. Both the groups are wrong. Sitting in an air-conditioned living room, sipping a single malt and commenting as experts, basis TV news and social media barrage displays immaturity. These are the people who instead of instilling positivity, get sadistic pleasure in forwarding not only the fake news and propoganda, but also adding some of their own spices.

A larger population of the country falls in the totally opposite category. Less educated working class. These are the people who everyone is trying to influence, to get their votes. In olden time these people got easily swayed and sold their franchise for few bucks or alcohol. The times are now changing rapidly and though they still accept the gifts, it is difficult to gauge which way would they swing . Their vote is now for development and upliftment of their living standards which had been neglected for last 70 years by all and sundry. These are the people who know what they want and what they are getting. These are the people who assess the truth and validity of all the narratives being spewed by the media, because their life depends on taking the right decision. You will thus never hear them shout over he loudspeakers. They speak their mind in the elections. These are actually the real educated class!

Going deeper into the current malaise, if one studies in depth, yes Modi government did make an error of judgement and its delayed decision making did cause a lot of pain to the people. But how can one ignore and pardon the carelessness and negligent attitude of the Chief Ministers and state governments who sat on the grants provided to them by the centre for erection of oxygen plants and other healthcare facilities? Healthcare is a state subject and the state heads asked for their right to decide after the 1st wave and got the centre to delegate the decision making to them. Realising that they have now missed the bus, they all ganged up and blamed the centre for their own negligence. Backed by the media and living room experts, their voice has gotten louder and louder. Unfortunately, baseless criticism of Modi and centre shall not lead us anywhere. The need of the hour is to join hands with the centre and implement the healthcare capacity augmentation instead of shouting hoarse abusing him. 

We should not forget the Geopolitical heft of India today, that we have never had since independence. Can you even dream of a situation where India could pressurise US to fall in line? Do we give credit to Modi for all the positives he has achieved for India? If not, then we have no right to criticise him.


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